PHONE 310.881.9114 | ADDRESS 11614 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles 90066


Vendor Appointment Rules

All vendors MUST have an appointment. We do NOT accept walk-ins.

To schedule an appointment, please email us at the address above. 

Vendors may NOT: 

  • Discuss pricing on the sales floor
  • Discuss product or terms with budtenders
  • Drop off METRC trade samples without an appointment


Vendors who do not comply with these rules will be placed on a buy-ban list.

*Exception: Samples in the form of Personal Gifts–along with contact details and pamphlets–are permitted to be left without an appointment. However, discussing any product/pricing/details at the time of unscheduled drop-off will not be permitted. 

Vendor Product Requirements

All METRC trade samples MUST comply with all legal regulations. This includes:

  •  All METRC products intended to be treated as trade samples MUST be designated as TRADE SAMPLES in Metrc (§15041.3). These products may NOT be designated as “Display Samples”, salable product, etc.
  • Cannabis trade samples must be labeled with: “TRADE SAMPLE. NOT FOR RESALE OR DONATION.”