Creating a beautiful urban environment for all community members to enjoy

Treehouse will be located on the iconic Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista, one of LA’s “Great Streets”.

We will work with Soulful Cities, a local 501C3 NonProfit, to further and expand on the community-enhancing endeavors begun by the City in 2015 along the corridor.

Our projects will increase the safety, livability, and sense of place on Venice Blvd in Mar Vista.

Additional Community Benefits: Security

More “eyes on the street” is correlated with reduced crime in Los Angeles.

Our Security Guards are on watch during all business hours, monitoring the dispensary, the surrounding shopping center, and the Venice/McLaughlin intersection.

Additionally, the business will utilize a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, capturing footage 24 hours per day, both inside and outside the premises.

Suspicious activity will trigger an automatic message alerting the business’s Neighborhood Liaison and allowing for rapid law enforcement action, even after business hours.

Treehouse’s presence in the community supports the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles’s goal of a safe and just neighborhood that is free of violence.