Your Community. Your Dispensary.

At Treehouse, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome.

That’s why we foster an environment which makes cannabis approachable:
no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, disabilities, or background.

Social, Economic, and Environmental Responsibility

More than just a business, we are a community partner.

Neighborhood Improvement

Catalyzing positive change through urban improvement projects.

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Equitable Employement

Growing a stronger, more equitable local economy.

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Environmental Sustainability

Supporting Mayor Garcetti’s Environmental Sustainability City Plan.

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In Association With

Highest Quality Standards

Our cannabis goods are acquired and handled in accordance with stringent quality guidelines for the benefit of our customers and community. 

We only source cannabis goods from licensed cultivators, and all cannabis products are laboratory tested by licensed facilities for safety and quality.


Join the Westside Community Cannabis Committee

We’ve created the Westside Community Cannabis Committee to establish a channel of fluid communication with local community leaders. Together, we can bring about greater economic prosperity, increased social equity, and a higher quality of living for all Westsiders.


We are available to contact with any questions, comments or concerns.