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Choosing the best tree to build a treehouse is much more tricky than selecting a proper foundation for a ground house. You need to learn as much as you can about the particular species of tree that you are considering, and how healthy the particular specimen is. Treehouses that are built in healthy trees are much more likely to survive the construction process and be safe places for kids of all ages to use for decades.

Good Treehouses make Happy Trees

We want to help people build better treehouses and take care of their trees in the process. We welcome any expert treehouse builders or arborists' opinions and contributions to this website - (you will be given credit for your opinions). There are different opinions out there. Many arborists feel that treehouses should never be built because they are only looking through the lens of the tree's perspective. But they would probably also be against making lumber, paper, or pruning for fruit production. Trees are for our use. We assume here that treehouses are going to be built, and it's up to us to consider tree health and biology in order to preserve our trees for the long term as we build in them.